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Footnotes: Oracle’s Quickie; Mitt Romney: Back in the Game; Small Business Blues | 12.03.12

White House rejects GOP fiscal cliff counteroffer [AP]

Larry Ellison, Oracle Investors Latest To Skirt Higher Taxes With Quicker Dividend [Forbes]

Mitt Romney is back on Marriott's board of directors. [AP, 8-K]

NSA Calls for Fast Change to Circ. 230 Regarding Tax Advice [AT]

Some Analysts Doubt Dire Predictions on Tax Increase Fallout [NYT]

Small-Business Owners Express Epic Pessimism [CFO]

Taking His Fight Against H.P. to the Web On Monday, Mr. Lynch set up, a Web site meant to house his responses to the controversy swirling around his former company. So far, it contains very little: his open letter to Hewlett’s board contesting its accusations; a video of an interview he conducted with CNBC two weeks ago; a timeline of Autonomy’s history; and his biography. [DealBook]

Wipfli buys accounting firm Eikill & Schilling [MSPBJ, Earlier]

There's an open petition to secure funding for the construction of a Death Start to be completed by 2016. [WH]

Whisky saves man's eyesight after being blinded by vodka [NZH]

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