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Accounting News Roundup: IASC Chair Says Convergence Is Still Happening; Walgreens to Buy Duane Reade; Church Accountant Gets Jail Time | 02.17.10

Convergence plan will ‘facilitate’ possible IFRS adoption [FT]
Apparently the FT piece in yesterday’s Roundup on the IASB throwing its hands up over convergence with the FASB was DEAD WRONG. That is, if you ask the Gerrit Zalm, the Chairman of the Trustees of IASC Foundation. He wrote a letter to the FT telling them that they’re mistaken and that the International Accounting Mavens are super proud of the work they’ve done with the FASB and that they’re pretty sure that Bob Herz and Co. will eventually come around:

I was surprised to read your interpretation of recent enhancements to the governance of the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) Foundation (“IASB softens stance on convergence”, February 16), and in particular your assertion that a constitutional emphasis on adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) represents a weakening of the trustees’ support for the ongoing work to converge global accounting standards.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The trustees of the IASC Foundation strongly support the work plan that the International Accounting Standards Board has established with the US Financial Accounting Standards Board, which will reduce the differences between, and improve, IFRS and US standards. By reducing differences and thereby reducing any cost of transition, convergence will “promote and facilitate” the possible adoption of IFRS.

So instead of getting all worked up over the FASB doing its own thing, just sit tight and let the IASB work its magic and we’ll have converged standards before you know it. The whole process is like herding cats on acid, so everyone just cool it.

Walgreen to Acquire Drugstore Chain Duane Reade [WSJ]
Don’t worry, the Journal is reporting that “nearly ubiquitous” (the “nearly” isn’t necessary) chain will still retain its name in the $1 billion deal. Confusion avoided.

Former church accountant sentenced to 17 months for theft [Springfield News-Sun]
Have we weeded out all the accountants that steal yet? Diane Maddy stole over $300,000 from her church from January 2003 to December 2006 and in August of 2008 and 2009.

Besides, “WTF lady, who steals from a church?” what caused her to take a break for 18 months and then another break for 12 months? Maybe walking out of a house of worship with huge grips of cash caused her to think twice (three times!)?

Listen up accountants who are thinking it: don’t steal. Just because you have access to money doesn’t make it yours. How many “accountant pleads guilty to theft” stories do we have to read? Now we have church accountants stealing? This is the bottom people.

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