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Accounting News Roundup: Motivating Your CEO; IRS Not Looking For Lerner Emails; A PwC Leak | 11.06.14

7 in 10 use cloud-based accounting: report [accountants daily]
On the other side of the planet: "A new report on the role of the professional accountant has revealed 69 per cent of firms in Australia use cloud-based accounting systems. Wolters Kluwer used CapioIT, a specialist in cloud digital disruption, to independently conduct the research on its behalf. Three hundred interviews were undertaken with small to mid-sized accounting and tax firms in Australia."

What motivates your CEO over the long term: Shareholder or social value? [PwC]
I think we know the real answer to this one.

Big four audit firms behind global profit shifting [Financial Review]
How the firms provided exceptional client service… by helping clients (legally) hide money.

Unless that person is your child, in which case, she'll get used to you missing birthday parties because you have to work [Twitter]

IRS says it hasn't searched 'other sources' for missing Lerner emails [Fox]
Where else are they supposed to look? Wherever Jimmy Hoffa is?

An accountant sold all his stuff and traveled the world to take 1,600 selfies [Telegraph]
Wait a second, he had a Porsche? "Strabane native Patrick Hamilton Walsh sold all of his worldly possessions – including his Porsche and house – and left his £50,000 accountancy job behind to tick off yet another life goal on his list."

Marks & Spencer called in their auditors from Deloitte to make sure they aren't another Tesco [This is Money]

Someone leaked PwC's documents that show off their tax avoidance skills [Irish Business Times]

Consultants challenge KPMG survey [Financial News]
Come on, man, just let them have one.

Police Say Man With No Hands and No Legs Is Armed and On the Run [Gawker]
Be on the lookout.