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Accounting News Roundup: More on Partner Naming Redux; The Problem with Competition on Teams; Get Over Those Post-Vacation Blues | 06.26.15

Sifting the Fly Shit Out of the Pepper – The PCAOB Comes Back on Partner Naming  [Re:Balance, Earlier]
Jim Peterson noticed that the Board is simply adjusting "the optics" around the litigation risk that firms are so worried about. 

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Just Quit Your Job and Head to Graduate School [The Muse, Earlier]
Important: "Do I Need This Degree to Do What I Want to Do?"

Get Rid of Unhealthy Competition on Your Team [HBR]
Turning the "me" into "we.": "Team leaders must paint success in the team as something shared and expansive. Because seeing success this way is rarely spontaneous, leaders have to go out of their way to convey – to sell, really – the upside of collaborative work. The message must be that success can be greater and more exciting when people work together. When this is done well, team members tend to focus more on the work than on themselves. "

How to Get Over Your Post Vacation Blues (and Back to Your Routine) [Lifehacker]
Give yourself an extra at the end to "recover and prepare yourself for the adjustment period you’ll have upon returning."

Calabasas Accountant Sentenced for $10 Million Fraud [SFVBJ]
Marvin Jay Caukin got away with stealing from his employer, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., for 13 years before he was fired for disclosing a prior embezzlement conviction.

Accountant accused of cooking books to steal money for nail salons, e-cigarettes [MLive]
Shannon Marie Schelling is accused of embezzling over $100k and not having a good imagination for spending the loot.

Comedy Central is hosting a 42-day marathon of The Daily Show [The Verge]
Starts today at 12 pm ET.