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Footnotes: Today Show Wrist Slasher Blames IRS; National Impact Day; A Couple Thieves | 06.07.13

NY DA: Accountant stole from Holocaust survivor [AP via WSJ]

Naples accountant gets prison for stealing from Lee County business [FOX4]

Deloitte employees take part in National Impact Day [FOX 6]

United States Of Outrage: NSA, IRS Overreach Sparks Bipartisan Ire [NPR]

Happy 35th Birthday, Tax Revolt! Thanks For Destroying California. [Mother Jones]

IRS waste undermines federal employees [The Fed Page via WaPo]

'Today' show wrist-slasher explains: 'The IRS ruined my life!' (EXCLUSIVE) [NY Daily News] A tortured soul who slashed his wrists in front of a horrified crowd watching the “Today” show outside Rockefeller Center Thursday said he committed this “desperate act” to get back at the IRS and others who robbed him. “I had to do something desperate to fight the corruption, fight the IRS,” Pak Chong Mar told a Daily News reporter as he lay on a hospital gurney at Bellevue Hospital. “They are so powerful.”

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