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Accounting News Roundup: KPMG’s New Atlanta Boss; No One Wants Simpler Accounting; Treasury Secretary Gets Bogus IRS Calls | 01.23.15

Americans' Satisfaction With Federal Taxes on Low Side [Gallup]
This required a survey? "Americans' satisfaction with the amount that Americans pay in federal income taxes roughly ties the lowest percentage Gallup has seen in the past 12 years. Thirty-two percent are now satisfied, down from 38% a year ago, but similar to the 33% found in 2003 and 2012."
Houses Passes XBRL Exemption as Survey Reveals Costs [CW]
ICYMI: H.R. 37 would exempt 60% of public companies from submitting financial statements via XBRL. 

KPMG taps Milford McGuirt as managing partner of Atlanta office [Atlanta Business Chronicle]
McGuirt will also oversee the Birmingham, Jackson, MS, Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville offices.

The Struggle to Simplify Accounting [CFO
Companies and their CFOs like the flexibility of complexity, says former FASB Member Ed Trott. 

Meanwhile, at Davos:

Treasury Secretaries get calls from IRS scammers, just like us!

Accountants' phone manner leaves callers cold [Accountancy Age]
Only 22% of British consumers survey are satisified with their accountant's phone performance.

A Working from Home Experiment Shows High Performers Like It Better [HBR]
Because real working from home is nothing like "working from home."

The Secrets To Handling Passive-Aggressive People [io9]
Just in case you work with any.