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Accounting News Roundup: Just Another Deutsche; Plastic Accountant Fraud; Happy 10/15! | 10.15.14

Tax Reform in the UK Reversed the Tide of Corporate Tax Inversions [Tax Foundation]
Knock me over with a feather: "The United States is not the only country to experience the phenomenon of corporate tax inversions."

Savannah accounting firms merge [BiS]
You probably never heard of them.

Accountant who blew 25k on plastic surgery for "the perfect body" was a fraud [The Mirror]
"Maddison Hawk, 27, boasted she had "worked hard to afford my hobby" when she hit the headlines for splashing out on the full-body overhaul including lipo and breast implants. But the businesswoman was fined more than £8,000 after trading standards inspectors discovered she was selling fake GHD hairdryers and hair straighteners."

Report: IRS charged for keeping documents too long [The Hill]
The IRS really sucks at this.

Check out these last-minute filing tips as Oct. 15 tax extension deadline looms []
Friendly reminder, it's 10/15! YAY! YOU MADE IT.

Ireland to close corporate tax loophole used by Google and others [LA Times]
The tax maneuver is called the "Double Irish," which sounds like a filthy sex position on Urban Dictionary.

Veteran Deutsche banker to join KPMG [FT]
He's a boomerang.

Texas College Rejects African Applicants Because It Fears Ebola [Gawker]
And you thought you had a tough time getting into a good school.