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Accounting News Roundup: Grant Thornton: Business Not Feeling So Dynamic These Days; Auditor IPO Market Share; Taxing Bitcoin | 01.09.14

Grant Thornton Sees Business Optimism Dropping [AT]
Stephen Chipman is aptly throwing Congress under the bus: "It’s clear that the recent gridlock in Washington is significantly contributing to the lack of confidence in, and optimism about, our economy among the nation’s business leaders. […] Our nation’s political leaders were able to reach a budget agreement, which will likely avert another costly government shutdown and extend the sequester for the next two years. However, they must now turn their attention to embracing a long-term debt ceiling solution combined with comprehensive tax and entitlement reforms that would provide a level of economic certainty that businesses are desperately seeking."

Some auditor IPOS numbers from our friends at Audit Analytics.

Taxing Bitcoin [TaxVox]
Howard Gleckman writes that while the IRS still figures things out, people will do what they always do which is, "pick what is most beneficial to them when they file their 2013 returns."

The Number of Millionaire Tax Returns Fluctuates Every Year [TF]

Oklahoman given 'atomic wedgie' died from asphyxiation, trauma to head [NewsOK via ATL]
Well, this is a first: "A man has been arrested in a Pottawatomie County, OK, homicide. The man said he gave his stepfather, who died from asphyxiation and trauma, an 'atomic wedgie,' officials said."

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