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Accounting News Roundup: Dumb Crooks; Dumb Accounting Students; Dumb Toupees | 09.27.13

Acting Ed. note: Colin is off lollygagging today, meaning you are ALL mine. Please play nice, I am feeling emotionally vulnerable to your trolling these days and don't want to end my day in tears. Just kidding, screw you all. Let's make it a fantastic day! ~AG

Senate Vote Expected on Funding Bill [WSJ]
The Senate was expected to pass a bill Friday that would fund the government for the first 1½ months of the new fiscal year, with Democrats planning to restore money for the Affordable Care Act that House Republicans had stripped out, leaving the two chambers in conflict.

Accounting For The Real World [Forbes]
JT: What are the risks in not having properly educated accountants?
BM: In terms of risks to the business by not having properly educated accountants, companies end up with increased overhead and debt because they have to hire more people. It’s cheaper to hire entry-level staff, so what happens is that entry-level people are brought on and put in decision making positions for which they aren’t qualified. The wrong decisions can put a small company out of business.

Accountant who stole $4.1 million pleads guilty to tax evasion []
How many times have we told you to report your ill-begotten gains?

Theft charges mount for former church accountant []
An accountant from Crisfield already accused of stealing from a client now faces similar charges for alleged theft from a church, Maryland State Police said Thursday. Maryland State Police said they charged Chris Sterling, 45, who owns an accounting firm in Crisfield with theft, theft scheme, forgery and other related charges for allegedly forging 56 checks in the amount of $23,695 from Liberty Rock Church between December 2010 and August 2013.

Natick bank robber poses as auditor, wearing a toupee []
Natick police are seeking the public's help in identifying a man who posed as a corporate auditor before robbing a bank on Main Street this weekend of close to $4,000 including foreign currency, according to the FBI. Police said the man, who is about 6 feet 6 inches tall, walked into Citizens Bank on Main Street in Natick Saturday morning, flashing a badge and telling employees that he was an auditor under corporate security.

Wanted by KPMG: consultants with an Asian background [BRW]
KPMG chief executive Gary Wingrove will be hiring more staff with an Asian background as part of an aggressive push to build up the firm’s Asian practice. KPMG is already seconding Australian staff to south-east Asia. “Asia is important to the Australian firm and our global firm,” Wingrove says in an interview with BRW, just over two months since he took on the top job at KPMG Australia.

Your money and the looming government shutdown [Washington Post]
Even if you aren’t a federal government worker, the pending government shutdown may affect you.

Scary Guy Spends a Year Making His Coworker's Life a Living Nightmare [Gawker]
This is why I am glad there is no official GC HQ, we'd never get any work done.

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