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Accounting News Roundup: Do All CPAs Have CFO DNA?; KPMG’s New OMP in Birmingham; Sending Tax Docs Securely | 03.25.11

Gaddafi’s Plastic Surgery: Brazilian Surgeon Claims He Operated On Dictator [HuffPo]
It was well past midnight when the Brazilian surgeon says he was escorted deep inside a bunker in the Libyan capital. His assignment: to shave years off Moammar Gadhafi’s appearance by removing fat from his belly and injecting it into his wrinkled face. The Libyan leader also got hair plugs. “He told me that he had been in power for 25 years at that time, and that he did not want the young people of his nation to see him as an old man,” Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro recalled. “I recommended a facelift, but he refused.”

The evolution of the CPA as CFO [CPA Success]
Tom Hood explains.

Trial dates set for Fairbanks-area ‘241’ defendants [Daily Newsminer]
May trial dates have been scheduled for a Salcha couple accused of plotting to murder a federal judge and an Internal Revenue Service agent, along with two others who reportedly helped them stockpile illegal weapons. Lonnie and Karen Vernon are accused of threatening to kill U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline and the IRS agent, along with threatening Beistline’s family.

KPMG names new managing partner for Birmingham [BBJ]
Joe Reid takes over for Matt Lusco.

How Long Has He Been President Now? [Tax Update Blog]
Joe Kristan, headline debunker.

Woman has fingertip bitten off in Walmart love triangle tiff [MSNBC]
In Florida, natch.

Auditors respond to Big Four clause investigation [Accountancy Age]
Restrictive bank clauses that force customers to use Big Four firms are to be investigated, and auditors have scrambled to respond. Martyn Jones, senior audit partner at Deloitte, professed no shock at the announcement, saying his firm welcomes the removal of restrictive agreements. “I believe in a level playing field”, he insisted, saying he had heard smaller auditors complain about the clauses, but had personally seen little evidence of them.

How Can I Securely Send Sensitive Tax Docs to My Tax Preparer? [Lifehacker]
News you can use.

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