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Footnotes: ‘Boss, Meet the Parents’; Ways and Means Not Done with IRS; The (Late) Summertime (Tax Season) Blues | 09.11.13

Mini Circuits is looking for a Cost Accounting Manager in New York City. [GCJ]

SEC’s Enforcement Unit Changes Tack [CFOJ]

Supply and demand for accounting talent at record levels [JofA]

Should You Bring Mom and Dad to the Office? Some PwC offices host receptions for parents of interns. [WSJ]

Woman Distracted by Texting Drives Her Car Into a Lake [Gawker]

It's evenings like tonight that make me wonder if I'm the world's biggest sucker for thinking that I have a good job. 11:41, I just got home. No dinner. And I don't earn enough to justify paying for a laundry service. [Accountant By Day]
Ways and Means to check back in on IRS [The Hill]
Non-Tenure Track Professors Are Better Teachers Than Tenure Track Professors [TaxProf]
When you present the company’s earnings or ask for a new line of credit, do you want them to be thinking of your financial acumen or the fact that you like #PumpkinChaiLattes and spend your weekends at the casino, tossing back #WhiskeySours? [CFO]
Playground Closed Due To Chicken Manure Spill in Pennsylvania [AP]
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