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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte Toronto Going for Hardcore Hoteling; Rallying for Cash Accounting; Your Next LinkedIn Connection | 09.12.14

‘Hot desking’ trend grows: No offices or assigned seating at new Deloitte headquarters [FP]
Packing 'em in (even the OMP) like sardines: "Even the top dog, the managing general partner in Toronto, has to forgo his customary corner suite. Like everybody else, Mark Whitmore will get a locker to stow his personal stuff in the firm’s new complex at Brookfield’s Bay Adelaide Centre East. He and Deloitte’s 3,500 other Toronto employees, spread out across 25 floors, will make way for the latest office concept: more meeting rooms and collaborative space and less personal room."   

Deloitte to create 638 positions across island of Ireland [IT]
338 in the North; 200 in the South.

Americans, Ever Hateful of Leisure, Are More Likely to Work Nights and Weekends [Slate]
Even during football season. 

Lawmakers seek to protect accounting method [The Hill]
233 members of the House have signed on to protect cash accounting.

New to LinkedIn: A-Rod [WSJ]
Endorsements include: Delusion, Vanity, Choke Artist.

Grover Norquist has all the good ideas:

Apples, Ranked in Order From Best to Garbage [Domesticity.Gawker]
Pretty solid list. All the Red Delicious can be donated to prisons. 

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