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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte on Top Again; Farewell, KPMG; FASB Delays a Delay | 01.29.15

Deloitte retains top spot among "Big Four" accountants-survey [Reuters]
Bragging rights go to Uncle D: "Deloitte has retained top spot among the world's "Big Four" accountants, a survey showed on Wednesday, noting those leading firms had so far retained their grip on the audit market in the face of regulatory changes designed to boost competition."

Yahoo's UK Auditors Have Resigned [Business Insider]
NBD, just needed a change: "A letter dated November 7 2014 from PwC to Yahoo says that there are no circumstances behind the resignation that should be brought to the attention of Yahoo's shareholders or creditors."

KPMG general counsel retires [economia]
Getting to the life part of work/life balance: She said, “After 18 years at KPMG and as general counsel of KPMG LLP and KPMG Europe LLP, I am taking a short sabbatical to enjoy some travelling, devoting some time to reading and writing on current issues in governance and legal business and on my non-executive roles.

IRS to tax cheats: Stop hiding your money offshore [CNN Money]
They really don't like that, guys.

FASB Nearing Decision on Delaying Revenue Rule [CFO]
They seem to be delaying the delay.

You don't say? [Twitter]

Ex-husband who was supported by his millionaire wife while he failed as an artist claims 'gender bias'and demands 50k a year after judge rules he should move out of family house and get a job [Daily Mail]
This former PwC partner was a sugar mama.

Rich Colleges Get Richer and Richer [Gawker]
It's an outrage!