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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte Loses a Case Up North; On the Hunt for K-1s; Merger Rumor Accuracy | 04.07.14

Livent creditors win key ruling, awarded $85-million [Globe and Mail]
Deloitte is on the hook: "Ontario Superior Court Justice Arthur Gans said he found evidence that Deloitte auditors were negligent and breached their 'duty of care' to investors. 'I am at a loss to understand how Deloitte could have signed a clean audit opinion for 1997,' Justice Gans wrote in his 118-page decision."

Where’s my K-1? [Tax Update]
The April deadline is a week from tomorrow and some of you might have clients who are asking this question on repeat.

IRS delays filing season for Washington mudslide victims [The Hill]
An extra six months.

Winery Accountant Pleads Not Guilty to Embezzling $300K from Employer [Napa Valley Patch]
Not the most complex scheme you'll hear about: "[
Xandria Roxanne Neal] allegedly purchased gift cards with a company credit card and used the money for personal purchases."

Grover can turn anything into an argument for tax cuts. 

How to tell if a merger rumor will come true [Quartz]
If you read about it in Bloomberg, apparently.

Farewell, My Friend [TaxProf]
Paul Caron is (nearly) beating diet soda one day at a time. Are there support groups for this?

George R.R. Martin Stops by SNL's Weekend Update Desk [Gawker]

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