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Footnotes: Time to Name Audit Partners?; ‘I thought he was a nice guy’; Tax Reform Will Need Closed Doors, Actually | 04.09.13

Herbalife's KPMG Auditor Was a Cheerleader, Too [Bloomberg]

Looking for KPMG's Mystery Man [WSJ]

"I thought he was a nice guy…he was personable, understanding and seemed very knowledgeable and professional," said Mr. Weinberg, who recalls having dinner with Mr. London on several occasions. [WSJ]

Tax-writers: Secrecy needed for reform “There’s no question that there are going to be times when, to find a conclusion, you’re going to have to probably do it behind closed doors,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (Utah), the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, told The Hill recently. [The Hill, Earlier]

Here's something PCAOB Chairman James Doty said very recently: "We need a profession that is revered for insight and clarity, not box-checking. Knowing the name of the engagement partner on an audit, and the various other firms that participate in a global audit, may help the investing public identify and judge quality, leading to better auditing." [PCAOB]

Here's a point and counterpoint on the return-free filing. [Forbes]

Bobby Jindal’s Tax Failure [Bloomberg]

Dumpster Diver Who Found $20k in Recycled Book Giving Rightful Owner One More Month to Claim It [Gawker]

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