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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte CEO Stepping Up; New Mexico No Good at Counting; Pot Shops Skip Taxes | 02.20.15

COUNTDOWN: Largest Tri-State Accounting Firms [Cincinnati Business Courier]
Because you won't rest until you know which firm is the largest in Cincinnati.

New Mexico’s $100 Million Accounting Error [Bloomberg]
Accounting is hard: "Cash in the state’s bank account is at least $100 million short of what’s recorded in the finance department’s ledger, pushing officials to adjust reserves by that amount, to about $650 million. The blame, the current administration says, lies with the introduction of a new accounting system in 2006."

She's in tax, shouldn't she be locked up in a dark room somewhere? [Twitter]


Deloitte CEO Engelbert Sees ‘Great Opportunity To Step Up’ [WSJ Moneybeat]
Making the rounds…

Some San Jose Pot Shops Owe Millions in Unpaid Marijuana Taxes [NBC Bay Area]
It's complicated: The owners of Medi Marts and The All American Cannabis Club told the Investigative Unit that they have refused to pay taxes because they fear that would be admitting that they sold an illegal substance, which is a crime according to the federal law. "It implicates a sale,” said Dave Armstrong, President and CEO of MediMarts in San Jose. “There’s guys in federal prison right now that because they paid a tax on cannabis it’s considered a sale of a controlled substance." "They’re doing 10 years in prison,” added Armstrong.

Yes, Your Uber Driver Is Judging You [HBR]
It goes both ways, you know.

Cop Shoots at Dog, Accidentally Shoots His Boss Instead [Gawker]
Someone did not exceed expectations.