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Accounting News Roundup: CEO Pay Disclosures and ‘This is not an Excel spreadsheet calculation.’ | 02.21.18

Honeywell CEO’s 2017 Pay Is 333 Times More Than Median Worker’s [Bloomberg]
Honeywell is the first company to disclose its CEO-to-median employee ratio. Darius Adamczyk earned $16.5 million last year. Honeywell’s median employee was paid $50,296.

West Virginia Ousts Film Tax Credit [BNA]
The Mountain State shelled out $15 million in credits, but an audit revealed that it realized only $6.1 million in economic stimulus over 10 years. Not too good, man.

New York firm opens online tax prep business [AT]
“What, another Turbo Tax?” you might ask. Oh, no. is something different and it has a cutesy acronym to prove it: “It’s aimed at what [CEO Michael Chen] calls HENRYs, ‘high earning, not rich yet’ clients.”

The WeWork Manifesto: First, Office Space. Next, the World [NYT]
I’m mostly sharing this longread about WeWork so you can appreciate the blather from the CEO and co-founder, Adam Neumann, but also other people’s interpretation of it: “This is not an Excel spreadsheet calculation. [Neumann] believes there’s an energy behind the brand, and he’s gotten people to invest at that valuation. He has not tried to explain it in traditional financial terms.”

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