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Accounting News Roundup: CEO Bullet Dodgers; Will S-Corps Get to e-File?; Don’t Sweat Those Stains | 05.11.11

Why CEOs Avoided Getting Busted in Meltdown [Bloomberg]
“Fraud, it turns out, begets fraud.”

Old Mutual Hedge Fund Group Hires New C.F.O. [DealBook]
Old Mutual Asset Management, the hedge fund arm of the London-based life insurer, is set to name Steve Belgrad as chief financial officer on Wednesday. Mr. Belgrad, a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Business School, is leaving his post as chief financial officer of HarbourVest Global Private Equity, which he joined in 2008. Mr. Belgrad, who previously worked for the Affiliated Managers Group, the Janus Capital Group and Morgan Stanley, will begin at Old Mutual on June 1.

SEC to Form Small-Business Committee [WSJ]
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is forming a small-business committee to review fundraising rules for small private firms that critics say hinder access to capital and are stunting economic growth. Testifying before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Tuesday, SEC Chair Mary Schapiro said the new division will focus on “regulatory questions posed by new capital-raising strategies,” among other issues.

IRS Demands $6 Million More from Racing Champ Castroneves [AT]
The Internal Revenue Service has filed suit in U.S. Tax Court against three-time Indianapolis 500 champion Helio Castroneves after he won a high-profile victory against the IRS two years ago and paid $5 million in taxes.

The Top 400 Taxpayers: Incomes Fell 21.5%, Tax Rates Rose 8.2% in 2008 [TaxProf Blog]
Are the rich getting eaten?

IRS Asks for Input on Health Care Law [Forbes]
Guess who’s out of ideas?

AICPA Wants IRS to Let Small Businesses E-file S Corp Form [AT]

Sweat Protection Without the Stains [WSJ]

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