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Accounting News Roundup: Border Adjustment and Deloitte’s New Tax Boss | 01.30.17

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Wall financing

Tony Nitti did some Yeoman’s work late last week, explaining the border adjustment tax that has been floated as a possibility for paying for President Trump’s proposed border wall. And if you read that and are still confused, consider the avocado.

Deloitte Tax’s new boss

If you enjoy a nice word salad, go ahead and read this press release about Steve Kimble becoming the new Chairman and CEO of Deloitte Tax. Here’s the quote someone wrote for him:

We continue to operate in a rapidly changing and increasingly digital global business environment, which creates both challenges and opportunities. As we navigate the rapid pace of change, I look forward to working closely with the companies we serve to provide high quality tax services and business insights. I’m also committed to developing agile talent and building the next generation of tax leaders to differentiate Deloitte in the marketplace.

Elsewhere in buzzy press releases: EY launches Future Work Now to put human back in human resources

Accountants behaving badly

Perhaps this is a stretch for “accountant” but a “treasury specialist” has been charged with the “largest embezzlement in Western Pennsylvania history.” The US Attorney’s Office alleges that Cynthia Mills helped herself to $9.5 million from Matthews International, “a conglomerate best known for manufacturing funeral products.” From 1999 to 2015, Mills somehow directed funds into bank accounts controlled by her and her husband. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article includes an impressive forfeiture list that includes everything from houses to boats to six pages of fur coats.

Previously, on Going Concern…

In Open Items, someone wants to know if it makes sense to go back to audit from tax.

In other news:

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