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Accounting News Roundup: Beer Taxes on Repeal Day; CFOs’ Confidence (or Lack Thereof); BDO’s Global Revenue | 12.05.13

Sorry for the abbreviated ANR, but I'm about to fly to Dallas and I need to warm up my arms. Have a great hump day.

Celebrate Repeal Day by cutting beer taxes [The Hill]
I'd be more enthusiastic if someone other than a shill for the beer industry wrote this.

CFOs Losing Confidence in Economy [AT]
A dynamic Grant Thornton survey: "The declining confidence and uncertainty in the performance of our economy shouldn’t be surprising given the recent gridlock surrounding our nation’s budget and debt ceiling negotiations,” said GT CEO Stephen Chipman. “It’s time for our country’s political leaders to embrace a long-term budget solution combined with comprehensive tax and entitlement reforms in order to remove the largest obstacles to business uncertainty and position the United States for a sustained economic recovery.”

Mike Duffy audit: Senate kills attempt to call Deloitte executive [CBC]
There's no Rob Ford and there's no crack smoking, but this Canadian scandal does have a Deloitte "executive" (the quotes indicate that I don't know what that word is supposed to mean) accused of tampering with a review of a Senator's expenses.

BDO Network Sustains Strong Revenue Growth in 2013 [BDO]
The official accounting firm of asshole Dan Snyder's football team had revenue growth of 7% globally.

NYPD Busts Man After Mistaking Mints For Ecstasy [TSG]
Oops: "Robert Hankins, 46, was arrested on April 2 at 2:30 PM by NYPD Officer Sean Nurse, according to a Criminal Court complaint. Nurse reported observing Hankins in possession of 'a plastic bag containing a quantity of' Ecstasy. The complaint noted that Nurse had “professional training” in the identification of Ecstasy, and that he “previously made arrests for the criminal possession” of the drug. Additionally, the plastic bag seized from Hankins was 'a commonly used method of packaging such substance.' The purported Ecstasy pills, however, were actually Pow brand mints, a discovery that prompted Brooklyn prosecutors in October to dismiss a drug possession charge against Hankins."

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