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Accounting News Roundup: Bad Interviews, Big Contracts and Three Monitors | 01.09.17

Bad interviews

Over the years, we've made it our duty to read bad interviews with CEOs so that you don't have to. It seems like a disproportionate number of those belong to Deloitte, but we haven't taken an official count. In any case, here's another one with Deloitte's CEO in the UK, David Sproul, where we learn that he was COO of Arthur Andersen in the UK when the Enron scandal torpedoed the firm. He also is taking the leaked memo on Brexit and all the global scandals surrounding his firm in stride. You'll be doing well if you read it to the end.

Big numbers

Bloomberg reports that Saudi Arabia hired PwC to review $69 billion in contracts for the purposes of cutting one-third of them. I hope the firm negotiated a fee that pays them one dollar for every dollar saved. Hell, a fee of fifty cents for every dollar saved would be good enough.

How many screens does a person need?

At the Consumer Electronics Show, PC gaming company Razer debuted a laptop prototype with three screens. This is the sort of equipment that both gamers and spreadsheet jockeys only dream of, so of course someone stole two of its products from its booth. Although the company's CEO didn't say specifically whether the tri-screened laptop one was one of the products stolen, if I were investigating the crime, my list of suspects would include just as many obsessive accountants as basement dwelling gamers.

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In other news:

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