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Accounting News Roundup: Audit Committees Delegate; Colorado’s Pot Taxes a Little Too Successful; Smartphone Predictions Come True | 02.04.15

Staples to Buy Office Depot for $6.3 Billion [DealBook]
The two companies tried to merge in '97 but were rebuffed by regulators.

S.&P. Settlement Leaves Future Unclear for Ratings [DealBook]
Small problem that may sound familiar: They're still paid by the companies they rate.

How Are Audit Committee Views of Internal Audit Shaping Up in 2015? [IA]
Sounds like audit committees are shoving some of that heaping pile they have on their plate to others: "On internal audit, audit committees are still looking for greater value."

Hate it when that happens.

Marijuana Is Making Colorado So Much Money The State Has To Give Some Back [Mic]
The state constitution says the government can't spend more tax revenue if grows faster than the rate of inflation and population growth. It'll be refunded unless the voters approve a change.

Attempt to pay property taxes in $1 bills lands man in jail [TRN]
He sounds like a charming fellow: "The deputy was at the Annex, 600 Scott Street, just after 2 p.m. when Wichita County Tax Assessor Collector Tommy Smyth asked Timothy Andrew Norris, 27, to leave the tax office. Smyth accused Norris of disrupting the operation and efficiency of the tax office by attempting to pay $600-worth of property taxes with $1 bills. The bills were said to be folded so tightly it 'required tax office personnel approximately six minutes to unfold each bill.' "

In 1976 Arthur C. Clarke Predicted the Dark Side of Smartphones [PaleoFuture.Gizmodo]
"Anyone can get at you anytime you like. Of course you could switch off the calling signal, but then you might have to explain later why it was switched off."