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Accounting News Roundup: An Arty Accountant; Deloitte Springs a Leak; One Man’s Criminal Mustache | 10.30.14

Britain's Fraud Office launches probe into Tesco accounting scandal [Reuters]
It'll be awhile: "When the SFO launches a full criminal investigation against a company or individuals it has to be satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to believe that conduct might involve serious or complex fraud or bribery. Such investigations can take years to complete."

There Is An Accountant Art Expert – Who Knew? [Forbes]
The best bit: "He is a Chartered Accountant and has the corresponding British accent, which probably gives him an edge in the art world. Depending on your point of view being a Chartered Accountant is equivalent to, slightly better than or almost as good as being a CPA."

Cutting taxes is a 'moral duty', says David Cameron [The Telegraph]
Doing a little political posturing, are we?

Atlantic City Takes Revel to Court Over Unpaid Taxes [WSJ]
Atlantic City is trying to do the impossible and get money out of a casino.

Ken Bishop's mustache needs to be locked up [Twitter]

Deloitte releases paper on vetting leaks, avoiding costly hoax [SC Mag]
The paper "helps the public answer a lingering question once a leak is announced: 'How concerned should we be?'"

Prosecutors Suspect Repeat Offenses on Wall Street [DealBook]
PwC might get in trouble, too.

How Facebook Could End Up Controlling Everything You Watch and Read Online [WIRED]
Something something leverage.

Is a plant virus making us DUMB? Algae disease is discovered in human throats – and may be linked to poor brain function [Daily Mail]
OH, that explains it.