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Accounting News Roundup: Anyone Adopting New Revenue Recognition Rules Early? Anyone At All? | 08.13.15

FASB Updates Revenue Recognition Rules to Reflect Delay [CFOJ]
Although no one is obligated to comply until 2018, companies who want to adopt the new rules in 2017 will be allowed to do so.

U.S. Appeals Ruling That A.I.G. Bailout Terms Were Too Harsh [DealBook]
I wonder if Hank Greenberg plans to cyrogenically freeze himself so he can ensure to be there when a decision is finally reached in this case. 

Trading Investigation Eyes Ex-Chairman of Dean Foods and Golfer Phil Mickelson [WSJ]
This all relates to Dean Foods' spinoff of WhiteWave Foods in 2012.

Federal Judge Rules SEC In-House Judges ‘Likely Unconstitutional’ [WSJ]
"U.S. District Judge Richard Berman is the second federal judge to find the SEC didn't appoint its five administrative law judges correctly, adding to pressure on the agency to reform the system."

Thoughts on aiming for early retirement [ABD]
Important question: "What will I do when I early retire?"

Bad news: blogging doesn’t make your vacation deductible [Tax Update]
Oh, those pesky hobby loss rules!

Here’s a foolproof method to increase your Chipotle burrito size by 86 percent [AVClub]
Because we all definitely need more calories in our Chipotle burritos, don't we?