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Accounting News Roundup: Better Brown-nosing; Study: More Than One-third of Clients Are Looking for a New CPA; Fed Gas Tax Hike on the Table | 11.09.10

Annual Bean Counters Contest [The Summa]
Jump over to the The Summa for the chance to win fabulous prizes!

Kissing up Like a Pro: A New Study Says How to Do It Right [FINS]
Brown-nosing is just as much about science as it is about art, says a study on the matter.

Sex Tops Salary in Quest to Unravel Last Taboo [Bloomberg]
Matthew Lynn would like to know how much you make. And while we’re at it, you might as well throw your credit card debt balances in there too, “In reality, we’d all be better off if we revealed our finances. We would get a fairer deal, feel more secure, and be less likely to run up crazy debts. If we’re comfortable talking about sex or death with everyone, we should be able to talk about money.”

Corn Mafia Henchmen at Cargill Gobble Up Crap Bank Assets [JDA]
Maize, and the companies that are getting filthy rich from it, are quickly becoming Adrienne’s new obsession.

36% of Clients Are Dissatisfied and Already Shopping for Another Accounting Firm [CPA Trendlines]
A CCH report suggests you best put those aforementioned brown-nosing (aka client service) skills to work.

Former Ernst & Young XBRL leader joins Deloitte [Accountancy Age]
Josef Macdonald joins as a director from E&Y. Macdonald was previously XBRL leader for E&Y – a computer language for tagging tax information on reports. He also led the International Accounting Standards Board’s (IASB) XBRL team from 2003 – 2007. Macdonald continues to sit on the IASB’s advisory panel and the XBRL International Steering Committee.

Mobile phone kits to diagnose STDs [Guardian]
An app for the clap.

Two senators eye gas tax hike to pay for highways and bridges [On the Money]
Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and George Voinovich (R-Ohio) have written to the chairmen of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform advocating for a 25-cent per gallon tax increase.

“We suggest that the commission include an increase in the federal tax on gasoline and diesel as part of your report to the president,” they wrote. “We suggest that the taxes be increased by one cent per month for 25 months — a total of 25 cents over a three-year period.”

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