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Accounting News Roundup: AbbVie Changes Mind on Inversion; Stop the ‘I’m SO Busy’ One-upping; Buffett’s ‘Huge Mistake’ | 10.16.14

AbbVie Board Recommends Shareholders Reject Shire Acquisition [DealBook]
Treasury's move to discourage inversions appears to have worked in this case: "AbbVie and its board of directors made this determination following a detailed consideration of the impact of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s unilateral changes to the tax rules.” 

Please Stop Complaining About How Busy You Are [HBR]
Forward this to someone who annoys you: "So much of this is about out-doing each other. To say that 'I’m busier than you are' means I’m more important, or that my time is more valuable, or that I am 'winning' at some never-finished rat race to Inbox Zero. […] What you’re trying to say with these responses is: I’m busier, more in-demand, more successful. Here’s the thing: it’s harming how we communicate, connect, and interact. Everyone is busy, in different sorts of ways. Maybe you have lots of clients, or are starting a new business, or are taking care of a newborn. The point is this: with limited time and unlimited demands on that time, it’s easy to fill your plate with activities constantly. But this doesn’t mean that you should."

Warren Buffett’s Hathaway Reduces Stake in Tesco [WSJ]
ICYMI: WB is trying fix his "huge mistake." 

Be sure to proofread the faked documents that you submit to regulators. [BloombergView]
Matt Levine points to this SEC press release about a compliance consultant who made a bit of a booboo when she "review some trading by a Wells Fargo adviser and his customers ahead of a merger announcement." The SEC wanted to look things over and then this happened: "She wrote "9/1/12" meaning "Sept. 1, 2010." Because she wrote it in 2012. But she supposedly wrote it in 2010. The SEC noticed the typo and everything came crashing down."

7 Ways to Prevent a Meeting Disaster [AWEB]
Skip the meeting! 

Accountant funded surgery with fake goods [economia]
Comestic surgery, naturally.

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