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An Accountant’s Memorial Day Weekend Reading | 05.25.12

That's it for us, team. We'll be back with guns blazing on Tuesday. Have a safe holiday weekend and if you're feeling inspired, write something up and send it over. Just remember that Adrienne will be reading.

Facebook’s stock should trade for $13.80 [MW]

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Stock Rises With Choice to Turn Down $75 Million Dividend [ATD]

Why JP Morgan’s gamblers need to be spun off [Felix Salmon]

Ron Paul's push for full Fed audit slated for House vote [The Hill]

In Spain, Bank Transfers Reflect Broader Fears [NYT]

Little Girl’s Lunch Review Blog Persuades Her School to Serve Healthier Meals [Gawker]

A Harvard Professor Analyzes Why Start-Ups Fail [YTB/NYT]

Berlusconi 'had £16million in CASH brought to bunga bunga parties to pay girls' [DM]
Hedge Fund Case Questions Accounting Liability [CFO]
Dallas Pizza Chain Ticks Off Latin People and Conservatives With Its New Campaign [JDA]
And thanks to PK for sending this over: