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Accountants Edge Out Car Salesmen, Personal Trainers in the Dating Pool: Survey

For some unbeknownst reason, Xero surveyed 3,500 people in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand about their "attitudes and perceptions of accountants and bookkeepers." As if they were going to discover something other than this:

Professional stereotypes about the accounting industry are alive and kicking, with a new global survey from Xero revealing that the average member of the public most commonly associates accountants and bookkeepers as suit-wearing “number crunchers” or “bean counters.”

Despite the lingering stereotypes, there is an upside: you probably won't be alone forever: 

The feedback also revealed that accounting and bookkeeping professionals are seen as desirable partners, ranking higher on the ‘date-ability’ scale than other professions including handymen, car salesmen, artists, designers, and even outranking personal trainers in the United States. On both the scales of dateability and trust, accountants fall just behind doctors/paramedics and firemen/police officers.

No, the "Hot Accountants Calendar 2017" won't be a best seller this year or any future year, but dateability isn't all about the washboard abs, is it?