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November 29, 2022

According to This List, Deloitte is the Best Big 4 Firm For Women

Fortune has come out with their 100 Best Large Workplaces for Women list and while no accounting firms made the top ten, Deloitte managed to claw their way up to #16 from #51 in 2021 thus making them the highest-ranked Big 4 firm on the list. To determine the Best Workplaces for Women, Fortune research partner Great Place to Work analyzed feedback representing more than 1.2 employees, 640,000 of whom were women.

Deloitte’s listing comes with some info on how many women work for Deloitte and how many are in management positions which we will conveniently share in this copy-pasted table below:

U.S. Employees 80,138
Worldwide Employees 156.388
% of Women in the Company 44.13%
% of Women in Management (non-Executive) 41.71%
% of Women in Executive/Manager Positions 40%


The listing also leads to Deloitte’s Great Place to Work page which seems to demonstrate that people at Deloitte are quite happy to be there, a fact that aligns with the strange, cult-like behavior demonstrated by Deloitters whenever they log in to LinkedIn.

screenshot of Deloitte's Great Place to Work page

LOL @ “People here are given a lot of responsibility.”

“Deloitte is constantly changing and constantly at the forefront of addressing and mitigating challenges to employees. Be it DEI issues, economic downturn or upturn, or pay issues, leadership on all levels strive to communicate, understand, and fix things. This work is hard, and a lot of expected of your time, but I feel supported by the firm at all levels as an employee, as a woman, as a parent – I feel there is a very high level of two-way communication and that they want me to stay and thrive.”

— a Great Place to Work review by a Deloitte employee

EY didn’t make the list at all this year — shocking, considering the firm went out of their way to educate women in leadership positions on how their brains are 6% to 11% smaller than male brains which is helpful information for us ladies to have — while KPMG and PwC ranked 37 and 86, respectively.

A few smaller firms made the list as well but since no one cares about them we won’t waste the bandwidth talking about it.

100 Best Large Workplaces for Women [Fortune]

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  1. Any survey or poll where KPMG ranks higher than PWC is immediately suspect and likely should not be relied upon. The only area where KPMG excels is underbidding its competitors to win new clients, and then making said new clients do expensive restatements during the first audit.

  2. Empirically I don’t see this at Deloitte Canada. Has any one ever noticed in Financial Advisory all the senior women are EXTERNAL hires….and talent at junior levels is 50/50 male female so clearly women arren’t staying therefore it’s not a good place to stay.

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