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According to Research, You Are Fat Because Busy Season

I bet you have a half-eaten donut sitting next to you right now. You might want to polish it off before you read this. It's from Yahoo so don't bet the bank on it but, hey, just passing it along:

But here's what's interesting. Sometimes the extra pounds can be blamed on the work environment. "Among all workers, employment for more than 40 hours per week and exposure to a hostile work environment were significantly associated with an increased prevalence of obesity, although the differences were modest," researchers concluded. Working long hours leaves less time for exercise.

As for what constitutes a hostile work environment, people were asked if they'd been threatened, bullied or harassed at work during the last 12 months. Those who answered "yes" we're more likely to be obese, though researchers weren't clear about cause and effect. They speculated that rather than harassment leading to overeating, it might be the other way around, and, "workers who are already obese may be more likely to experience harassment or bullying on the job."

The article lists the top 5 professions in which to put on pounds, and while auditor, accountant, random spreadsheet jockey and/or tax professional are painfully absent, you all know what's up.

Healthcare workers, architects and engineers, public administrators, community and service workers, and protective services (cops/security guards/etc) are most likely to force one into stretchy pants territory.

None of this should come as any surprise to you, dear spreadsheet jockey, as you are more than aware of the price one pays for team pizza dinners, snacks, energy drinks and take out. You could, of course, be like Andy Kalinowski, the natural bodybuilder who ate seven meals a day at Deloitte while getting weird looks from his snack machine-obsessed colleagues. Or you could eat another slice of pizza because YOLO.