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Recruiter Manages to Creep CPA Out Over Email

As we tumble through the post-busy season spring, an untold number of recruiters are on the hunt for accounting professionals whose asses can fill the empty seats of their clients. Recruiters use a number of different tactics when pursuing talented accountants but one of the trickiest parts of this cat and mouse game has to be cold calling candidates. The obvious goal for any recruiter to sound like you've got something enticing to share with Jim or Jane, CPA but not come on so strong that you give him or her the creeps. 

Recently a tipster shared with us an email sent by a recruiter who successfully accomplished neither of those things:
From: [Recruiter]
Date: Fri, May 10, 2013
Subject: [Candidate], I'm interested in you
To: [Candidate]
Your career is impressive.  I'm compelled to reach out to you.
Right off the bat you get a bad feeling. At least for our reader who wrote us, "You need to start a column entitled the creepy things recruiters say."
And I can kinda see why this is a little weird. Usually when some opens with "I'm interested in you," that's code for "I'm interested in you with your clothes off." Maybe that's just me. Pretty much any other subject line would have successfully not weirded this person out.
Anyway, it's funny because the rest of the email is pretty standard non-creep stuff:
I'm also fortunate to lead a team of highly successful professionals.  Passionate about opening new career doors for people like you.  Doors to opportunities that help move you forward toward realizing your goals professionally and personally.
Our specialty is public accounting.  We have contacts with over 5000 firms in every region of the US.  Managing Partners who are glad to pay our referral fee, because the outstanding professionals we refer, also help them move forward toward realizing their goals.
Our first step is to speak.  Tell us what's important to you.
We're ready to listen – when is convenient for you?
Best regards,
Like I said, standard. But that opening? Probably need to take another look at that.
Anyone else ever get weird vibes from recruiters over email? Share them with us.