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According to this Chart, You Really Don’t Make That Much Money

Who wants to talk about money? Our favorite subject!

As we all know, most of you do pretty well for yourselves even fresh out of college (this Redditor being the exception, as she's pulling in just $48k with a CPA on her sixth busy season OUCH) but just how well do you think you're doing compared to the top 1%? How about the top .01%?

According to this NYT piece, the average income for the bottom 90% in 2012 was $30,997. For the top 1%, that's $1,264,065 and for the top 0.1% $6,373,782.

The canyon between the "average" folk has only widened over the years, but we all knew that, right? Let's see just how wide the gap is (remember our number on the left is in millions):

Keep this chart in mind next time you're complaining about your friend at another firm making $6k more than you. Who cares? In this context, all of us regular fools are lumped into the same boat — "all of us" meaning you, me, the manager at Burger King, the cop who gave you a speeding ticket last week… you get it.

You might enjoy the rest of the NYT article, it was pretty interesting. Of course, it might also make you bitter about that awesome $80k+ salary of yours.