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A Tale of Two Business Majors Speaking to Young People About Their Careers

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Under the “Teen Talk Tuesdays” category in the Milwaukee Community Journal there is a charming story about exploring career pathways written from the perspective of a young man who had three guest speakers come to his school and talk about their career paths.

He writes:

Two of the visitors were teachers at a University. The first guest speaker was an accountant who told us what it was like being an accountant and told the class the requirements and qualifications to get there. The second guest speaker taught business and finance. The third guest speaker was a college student from a University whose major was in accounting.

Behold, the first two guest speakers:

Accounting: The first guest speaker highlighted the different fields of accounting. He said accounting would be a good paying job right after college. He took four to five years of College and took Business in high school. After those four to five years of college he said he took the CPA which is a big test for accountants. The CPA is a big test which opens you up to many people and bigger opportunities and a better career position. He also talked about how he knew it was the right career path for him. He said during his entire life he had always been into puzzles which is something similar that all the speakers had in common.

Business and Finance: When he was younger he said when he was fifteen he got into business and finance whenever he saw a person he knew with a really nice car that he thought was cool. He asked the person how he was able to afford it and said he worked in finance. The speaker said this motivated him because he wanted really nice things, a family, and having more freedom than being an accountant.