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October 2, 2023

career paths

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A Tale of Two Business Majors Speaking to Young People About Their Careers

Under the “Teen Talk Tuesdays” category in the Milwaukee Community Journal there is a charming story about exploring career pathways written from the perspective of a young man who had three guest speakers come to his school and talk about their career paths. He writes: Two of the visitors were teachers at a University. The […]

non-cpa controllers

Non-CPA Controllers Offer Perspective on Choosing a Certification

Three years ago, Anne Bronchetti, CMA, had an accounting intern from a local university who had never heard of the Certified Management Accountant designation until she told him about it. “He knew he wanted to pursue a career in accounting but wasn’t at all sure what path to follow or where he should focus,” said […]

controllers no cpa

No CPA, No Problem: Why Some Controllers Opted for Other Professional Credentials

Joel Konts was told over and over again during college that if he didn’t sit for the CPA exam and work for a public accounting firm after he graduated, he wouldn’t have the best of luck making a career in accounting. “I also knew that if I didn’t go for my master’s degree right after […]

mid-market accounting firm

Consider a Mid-Market Accounting Firm Before Taking a Job in Industry

“Two years here [a Big 4 firm] to get that on my resume, then on to private industry.” That, in a nutshell, is how lots of Big 4 associates talk about their career. For some of them, it’s a fine plan. In a way, it’s an extension of what many accounting students believe: get into […]

Chief Audit Executives Doing Alright for Themselves These Days

Perhaps you still don't know what you want to be when you grow up. Don't worry, there's plenty of time to figure it out, but, if I may, don't dismiss the possibility of internal auditing. I'm serious! Yes, most people think probably see it as a sleepy career path of beuracracy and being a stickler, […]

Accounting Firms Should Get Rid of Managers

Hey look, no one wants to be a manager. That's not too surprising. Managing is a thankless job. Just ask any manager. It's why when we think of managers we think about Lumberg from Office Space. People still want to be promoted, naturally, but it is kinda silly to promote someone to a job they […]

Falling Off the Corporate Ladder (Literally): An Alternative Path to a Career in Accounting

I’ll admit it – I’m a liberal arts refugee. I have a degree in English, and I found my way to the corporate accounting ladder by – quite literally – falling off of one. I became an English major with dreams of becoming the next Charles Bukowski (not realizing that I was still twenty years, […]