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25,000 Students Voted For the Top Internship and the Results Will SHOCK You

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Alright so twice now I’ve been called out for writing clickbait headlines now that the comment section is reopened, but whatever, what do you guys think I did in the years between getting laid off from this website last time and coming back? I WROTE CLICKBAIT. I’m not joking. One time I paid my rent on 15 ways Ariel Winter is turning into Kylie Jenner, zero shame. My questionable freelance decisions in the past aside, this isn’t new, we’ve been clickbaiting y’all for nine whole years, so stop acting like it’s something that we just started doing.

Now that that’s out of the way, this news actually deserves a clickbait headline because it does, in fact, shock. I’ma let CNBC do the shocking:

When researching internships, don’t just consider buzzy names such as Google and Facebook. According to career site WayUp, some of the best internships are being offered by companies that students might overlook.

For the second year in a row, WayUp has reviewed thousands of nominations from college students and recent grads to find out where interns from across the country report top experiences. Nearly 25,000 interns responded this year and their nominations were further analyzed by a panel of independent experts. These panelists reviewed programs based on diversity, uniqueness and the rate of hire after completing the program.

The 2018 Top 100 Internship Programs list included bold-faced names in tech and business, such as Google and Facebook. It also highlighted some companies most students and grads may not yet know, such as cryptocurrency startup Coinbase and established Fortune 500 companies, such as Gallagher, the insurer. The list’s top spot went to the internship program from KPMG, one of the “Big 4” audit, tax and advisory service firms which include Deloitte, PwC and EY.

OK, so the first problem here is how they frame it, like new grads considering an internship at Google or Facebook can just crash a Meet the Firms and be like, “Hey I heard y’all got internships” full Tyrone Biggums style. No.

The article goes on to say that “KPMG earned its top distinction thanks to its high conversion rates and a program that allows interns to create their own internship and travel internationally.” Nary a mention of free steaks nor ice cream parties? This is some seriously bad reporting on CNBC’s part.

But look. Kangaroos! Elephants! Perfectly posed selfies on top of mountains! All of the things a reasonable person thinks of when thinking of public accounting internships.

This all feels very strange. Like the time some weird guy in Ed Snowden glasses cornered me outside of the San Francisco Public Library and offered me a free personality test. Next thing I knew, I was just a penstroke away from giving my life to Scientology. But hey, good for you, KPMG. It’s about time you score a win.

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4 thoughts on “25,000 Students Voted For the Top Internship and the Results Will SHOCK You

  1. There was a movie called “The Internship” a few years ago starring Vince Vaughn and one the Wilson brothers (I get them mixed up…it was the blonde one with the jacked up nose). They were these two old guys that got an internship at Google. It was a decent flick in my humble opinion. The whole movie was such a phenomenal advertisement for Google, I suspect that Google underwrote the movie.

    Anyway, I was just thinking that this movie could’ve been so much better had it been an internship at KPMG rather than Google. The jokes practically write themselves.

  2. I wonder how these interns are going to feel when they start full time. I think there needs to be a job satisfaction follow up survey sent about halfway through their first year. That’ll straighten these results out.

  3. I heard the new Kpmg training center in Florida will come with it’s very own Chillers. Can anyone confirm this?

    1. Chillers was great. It’s a KPMG must that you go to Chillers while employed at KPMG.

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