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October 4, 2023

2016 CPA Exam Testing Window Extension and Transitional Credit

2016 CPA Exam

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The next version of the CPA Exam will introduce a significant number of changes in 2017, and NASBA is anticipating an increase in candidates in 2016 due to those upcoming changes. Because of this uptick in demand, NASBA recently revealed two CPA Exam testing updates: a ten-day extension to the testing windows and new rules on transitional credit for exam sections.

The 10-Day Testing Window Extension

Starting in the second quarter (April/May) of 2016 and running until the new version of the exam is released in 2017, testing windows will be extended into the third month of each quarter by 10 days. For example, candidates can schedule their tests through June 10, 2016, even though usually June is a blackout month in which testing is not offered. The additional days available in June 2016, September 2016, December 2016, and March 2017 add up to another month and 10 days in which candidates can sit for the CPA Exam before the next version launches.

When the next version of the CPA Exam debuts in 2017, the 10-day extension will be temporarily suspended to allow the AICPA time to adapt to the scoring of the new exam. The extension will be available again in Q3 and Q4 of 2017.

CPA Exam extra testing days

The New Transitional Credit Rules

Even though the new CPA Exam will be considerably different from the current exam in some ways, NASBA has confirmed that the content and the sections of the two exams will still have enough in common to allow transitional credit to continue as usual. Therefore, candidates can combine sections passed in the 2016 version with sections passed in the 2017 version to achieve a complete pass of the CPA Exam. For example, if a candidate passes REG in July 2016, the candidate will not have to retake REG in 2017 but rather will retain conditional credit for passing REG for the usual 18 months.

NASBA also clarified that once the 2017 CPA Exam commences, the old version of the exam will no longer be available, i.e., there will be no migration period in which both versions can be taken.

CPA Exam table of sessions

More Good News

Both of these announcements are good news for current candidates because they make it easier for candidates to pass as many sections as possible before the exam evolves. Gleim CPA Review has even more good news to share: the Gleim CPA Review courses can empower candidates to pass all four sections of the CPA Exam in 2016! Learn more about how the CPA Exam study planner and many other features of our review systems can help you prepare to pass today!

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