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PwC Thinks All the Ladies (Single or Not) Need to Find Themselves Some Credibility

Yesterday we touched on E&Y and Deloitte's breakthrough discovery that women are underrepresented in leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. WELL. PwC thinks its entire female workforce needs to establish some damn credibility before it's too late. 

Hi Daniel,
Just read your post regarding Avon's CEO being ousted and Deloitte and E&Y's reaction. I wanted to share with you an email about a webcast that PwC is holding in the near future, regarding women in the workforce. Looks like they're trying to figure out a way for women to (FINALLY!) be taken seriously! Truthfully though, it never occurred to be that I wasn't a credible source until I got this email… Thanks BoMo! Enjoy!

-PwC Lady

Can't make this up, people. I have a fair amount of respect for PwC but what asshat in HR thought that "establishing credibility" was the best choice of words? "Strengthening your position." "Branding yourself." ANYTHING. But no, instead TPTB (including Chief Diversity Officer Maria Castañón Moats) essentially signed off on saying that "our women have zilch credibility so let's help them find some before we laugh them out of here." Christ. My favorite line: "How do you build an evidence-based, value-driven argument?"  Right. Because having credibility is not enough, you must be able to defend your honor in the court of P. Dubs law with indisputable evidence.

Wonderful women at PDubs – I hope you bring some pitchforks to the call on January 6th.  See below for the full invite. 

Save the Date! Women's Webcast_ Establishing Credibility