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YSK: You Can Pay NASBA To Tell You In Which CPA Exam Jurisdiction You Should Sit

Nowadays, it’s easy enough to look up CPA exam requirements by state and figure out if you qualify to sit for the CPA exam in your jurisdiction of choice. But what if ain’t nobody got time for that? Enter NASBA’s Undecided Jurisdiction Evaluation service.

For the low price of $350, they’ll handpick up to three jurisdictions that fit you based on your education, residency, and Social Security status. Additionally, when they email you to let you know where they suggest you sit, they’ll also include an analysis of your education, or educational deficiencies should they find any.

Obviously this is a great option for international candidates looking to streamline the application process and make sense of what can be confusing jurisdictional requirements. Back in my CPA review days, I kinda used to provide this service for free, insomuch as I would get a call from some nice Indian lady asking where she could sit given her educational background, and I would say New Hampshire, I think, because back then New Hampshire was like the hot state for international CPA exam candidates. Maybe it was Massachusetts. Whatever, I forget, that was a long time ago and I drank a lot of Red Bull and vodka back then.

Point being, rather than have some rando with a pickled brain decide your future, this tool allows candidates to get expert guidance straight from NASBA. Like I said, $350 is a steal.

If you’re interested, just head over here, throw some money at the problem, and wait. Easy!