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Your Hire Date is Delayed, Now What?

Waiting.jpgInspired by recent events which I shall not get into here because of CPA Wrangler/client privilege, I figured now might be the time to do a quick “how to survive if you thought you were starting with the Big 87654 but suddenly won’t be until 3 quarters from now” refresher. Here you thought you got a sweet gig and now it’s all about making it until your delayed start date.
First and foremost, you’ve got your parents. They might have even put you through school. Your Dad may have called me at the CPA Factory asking if he could put your CPA Review course on his credit card (awww what a nice guy). Maybe they aren’t totally disappointed in you yet and haven’t lost their savings to Alan Greenspan’s bubble fixation. Whatever the situation, you should know by now that this is the first place to tap for extra cash, not your couch.
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Secondly, maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something. Is this really what you want to do with your life? Public accounting? Really? No one’s saying you’ve got to have a spiritual awakening or anything but maybe this is the time to evaluate the direction your life is trying to take. If nothing else, take it as a sign that you could use a Sabbatical.
Let’s not forget that you should be employable somewhere else. So instead of sitting around on the Xbox 360 eating ramen until you show up all pretty and polished for your first day at the Big 87654, go shop your shiny ass to other firms who might have the cash to cover your paycheck. If you’re looking for an easy way to meet the experience requirement and get your CPA and are lucky enough to have a trust fund, you’re totally fine sitting around pwning 12 year olds at Halo. But if you actually want to be an accountant for the rest of your life, go out there and sell yourself to a smaller firm who might appreciate your skills, not leave you waiting like a bad Craigslist blind date.
The last thing to keep in mind here is that sometimes it really is not you but me. Firms are scrambling to keep the quality staff they have and replenish the stock that are moving out of public accounting; take advantage of this. As we pointed out here on Going Concern already, don’t trip on the recruiters, they might be out of a job in a few months. It’s a bloodbath out there so slap on your gloves and try not to get any on your nice blue tie.
And if things get really bad, you can always froth lattes at the local coffee shop for the next few months. Give me a discount on my quad black eyes and I’ll tell you what *I feel* might be on the FAR exam next window *cough*
Hang in there, kids!