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September 29, 2023

You Need Overtime

I love a tie. No, not the neck or bow variety — although I can pull off both — I'm talking about a draw. A stalemate. A kiss-your-sister. 

I think it's because both sides have to live with the disappointment that they weren't good enough. There's something so satisfying when neither side wins. Maybe because ties are rare, sorta like a solar eclipse or likeable reality TV star. It comes around so infrequently that you can't help but go, "Neat!"

But just like taxes and reasonable food portions, our society hates ties. Therefore, most sports organizations have gone out of their way to eradicate them. It's telling that the two sports that still allow them in some form — hockey and soccer — are not that popular here in the U.S. compared to other countries

In Going Concern March Madness #BusySeasonProblems Life Regional Final, we had a tie between #1 seed Waking Up Early and #2 seed Love ones giving you guilt trips about working so much. Because this tournament cannot conclude without a winner, we have no choice but to have an overtime period.

If you haven't voted, get over to the OT poll now so we can settle the score. An issue as important as GCMMBSP demands a clear winner. 

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