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You Might Be a CPA Exam Candidate If…

Swiped from This Way to CPA:

You may be a CPA candidate if…

    • You finally decide to take a day off from studying and everyone comments saying, “shouldn't you be studying?”
    • A successful night out on the town is heading to the library and acing multiple choice tests.
    • You have cleared a store’s shelves of highlighters.
    • Lunch breaks are becoming study breaks.
    • You begin to have an elitist attitude thinking our exam is harder than others.
    • It seems like you’re grumpy most days.
    • You check the library hours in your hometown before going to visit family.
    • Studying becomes the ultimate excuse for getting out of obligations.
    • You feel like you will never finish the exam.
    • ”Seventy Five to Stay alive” becomes your new favorite saying.
    • It took you 10-15 minutes to figure out how to apply for the CPA exam in your jurisdiction.
    • You have failed an exam.
    • Sometimes you daydream about what to with the study material once the exams are complete.
    • The celebration for passing your exams is bigger than graduating!

Yeeeeeah OK, that's cute and all but how about the real list?

You might be a CPA candidate if…

  • Your friends with ADHD are sick of you asking to bum an Adderall.
  • You've mastered multitasking by doing MCQ on your phone while taking a dump.
  • Additionally, you purposely order lunch from Chipotle so you can get extra time on the can for more MCQ on your phone.
  • You've had an awkward sex dream about Peter Olinto.
  • You've had an awkward sex dream about Elijah Watt Sells.
  • Your Pinterest "CPA exam goals" board contains exactly zero pins BECAUSE WHO THE HELL HAS TIME FOR THAT SHIT?!
  • Baristas at your local Starbucks avoid eye contact so they don't have to hear your long drawn out answer about studying for the CPA exam when they ask you "how are you today?"
  • Your dog is so sick of hearing you complain about the exam he refuses to hang out with you.
  • You've considered the possibility of attempting to slit your own throat with a highlighter if you have to read just one. more. chapter.
  • Your girlfriend broke up with you 3 months ago and you still don't realize it.
  • You've seen every video on YouTube of candidates blowing up their CPA review books.
  • You're so out of touch, you can't understand why everyone wants to get snowed in during the summer.

Have any to add? Please do so in the comments. If you aren't curled up in the fetal position on the floor huffing a highlighter waiting for sweet sweet death to cradle you in its arms, of course.