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The Worst of Tax Season Commercials

I spent half my afternoon pulling up the worst tax commercials out there after we received this tip:

is it me or are these h&r block commercials infuriating?

No, no it is not just you. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a good tax commercial, have any of you? Let's take a peek at some of the worst.

Magic Tax

Homeless people are a difficult marketing demographic to target but if you can convince the unwashed masses that your tax service will securely place them from rags to riches in a matter of moments, looks like you'll be able to make that strip mall rent payment in October after all.

Liberty Tax

Hey guys! I have an awesome idea. Let's head down to the soup kitchen, round up some strays, load 'em up on Klonopin and make a commercial! What this Liberty Tax "ad" lacks in enthusiasm, it makes up for in production value and the pure horror of lady liberty's droopy mask.

Mo Money Taxes

No list of the worst tax commercials ever made would be complete without an entry from the one and only Mo Money Taxes.

H&R Block

You know, it is almost impossible to pick a least favorite H&R Block commercial. Surely we're all sick of that guy Richard's loose bulldog jowels and pretentious bowtie. Of this year's entries, I have to say this one is up there as most annoying, mainly due to that first seductive shot of Miss Tax Dork getting in a little sexytime with the camera. Gross.

Jackson Hewitt

You already know what this video is going to be. In fact, the song is already in your head, isn't it? Must not click… must not click… must n-SHIT.


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