September 26, 2020

A Working List of Things Accounting Firms Will Be Fretting About in 2018

accounting firms 2018 worries
  1. Disruption
  2. Change
  3. Disruptive change
  4. The pace of disruptive change
  5. Whether or not they’ve figured out the cloud
  6. Finding qualified talent
  7. Millennials
  8. Figuring out how to find qualified talent that aren’t millennials
  9. The inevitable cyberattack that will result in every client the firm has ever had filing a lawsuit
  10. Artificial intelligence making accountants obsolete through automation
  11. Artificial intelligence making accountants obsolete through extermination
  12. Whether or not to accept Bitcoin as payment for services
  13. After deciding to accept Bitcoin as payment for services, figuring out what the hell Bitcoin is
  14. Client retention
  15. Client retention in the event of a merger with another firm
  16. Client retention in the event of nuclear war

Image: iStock/Doppelganger4

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