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Working 60-70 Hours a Week is ‘Fine’ Says Underpaid Big 4 Auditor Skilled in the Art of Minimizing

Check out this Big 4 auditor recently profiled on eFinancialCareers. Blink twice if you need work-life balance, buddy.

I’m an auditor for a Big Four firm. Audit jobs don’t always have a good reputation: they pay less than some other Big Four jobs and offer less chance of making partner. But this is fine because there are other advantages.

Unless it’s a busy period, I usually work a seven or eight-hour day and no more than 60 hours a week, with the occasional weekend. This is a lot less than people work in investment banking jobs.

Even in really busy periods, we don’t work more than 70 hours a week. This is because we’re often at client sites on the outskirts of the city and we can’t travel in and out late in the day – public transport doesn’t run 24/7. Audit is not like investment banking where you’re on call all the time and they can make you work 100-hour weeks. We’re never really expected to be online after 11pm.

eFC knew what they were doing with this headline. I tip my virtual hat to you, Haya.

To summarize: audit pays less than other Big 4 lines which already pay less, he works 7 days a week (60/8 = 7.5), when it’s busy which is all the time now due to talent retention issues he works at least 10 hours a day, and there’s a possibility of getting stuck at the client site way out in the boonies because he is reliant on public transportation (what, firm can’t even cough up for an Uber?). At least they let him log off by 11 at night!

Whew, at least it’s not as bad as investment banking! Really dodged a bullet there, pal.

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