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Winners v. Losers This Week: Dick Pics, Grant Thornton’s Heyday, Auditors F*cked As Always

Back in the day we used to end the week with a “Quote of the Week,” but that shit gets boring fast, so instead I got the bright idea to do a Winners vs Losers recap. You should be able to figure out how this works as it isn’t rocket science but just in case: let’s talk about who in the accounting profession won and who lost for the week based on headlines we’ve written about, seen, or both. Easy, right? Let’s go.


Winner: This old ass MF [trigger warning: his blogspot site is cancer] who still uses paper forms and fears the cloud:

“In 45 years of preparing individual income tax returns I have never used flawed and expensive tax preparation software. One of the last of the dinosaurs, I prepare over 250 sets of returns each year manually.”

Losers: CCH customers everywhere


Winner: Grant Thornton
Look, it pains us more than anyone to say this but GT is kinda sorta kicking ass these days. First they got a pretty fantastic PCAOB inspection report, then news they have been poaching KPMG talent. You go, GT.

Loser: KPMG
Honestly, do I even need to write anything here? Probably not.


Winners: Auditors

Losers: Auditors

OK allow me to explain. If you caught Bramwell’s article the other day about the PCAOB’s “teaser trailer,” you know that this document from the PCAOB is like E3 except swap big AAA game titles for inspection thorns up auditors’ asses. In other words, it’s sort of like “COMING SOON, the title of the year!” and everyone gets all excited but then the future gets here and the exciting title promised was Fallout 76.

Anyway, in the end we feel like auditors came out winning in some parts (better inspections of late, recognition that audit firms are taking steps toward improving audit quality, you get the idea) and losing in others (auditors are still struggling with the same areas year after year after year and have yet to embrace their robot overlords to implement automation tools that could make their jobs easier).


Winners: Professional women who are sick of getting skeeved on by creeps all the time

Loser: This idiot who sent dick pics to a chick looking for a job on LinkedIn a while back and then tried to get us to remove his name from the story we wrote about him two years ago now that he and his dick are “reformed.”

Including the email we received from what looks to be an actual law firm the other day about scrubbing his name below:

And that’s it, our winners and losers for the week. Thoughts? Commentary? Assy quips? Let ’em rip in the comments in the below.