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While the IRS Was Collecting Young Buck’s Scarface Poster and Various Other Material Possessions, They Allegedly Found a Gun

Normally, as 2nd Amendment enthusiasts will tell you, this would be NBD but if you were convicted of stabbing someone in 2004, then it’s a big no-no.

According to an indictment unsealed Monday, he’s charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a .40-caliber pistol and ammunition. Federal authorities said all this happened on or about Aug. 3. That was about the same time federal agents raided his Hendersonville home. Records that Channel 4 obtained showed that the 29-year-old owed about $300,000 in taxes dating back to 2006.

YB pleaded not guilty to the charges. As you may recall, the IRS rounded up Royal Copenhagen Bear Figurines, a Tennessee Titans refrigerator, Louis Vuitton gun holster among other things, with the intent to auction them off. Mr Buck didn’t take this very well, got his lawyer to stop the auction and he subsequently sued the Service for his inability make a living. The IRS was not impressed and now they seem to be done playing games; YB faces ten years if convicted.

Nashville Rapper Facing Federal Charges [WSMV]