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What Other Songs Are on the IRS Commissioner’s Workout Playlist?

NPR's attempt to offer up something other than the usual tax day fare includes sharing IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman's workout playlist. Yes, even bureaucrats enjoy music! 

[I]f you're stressing over getting your taxes done before midnight Tuesday, Shulman has some songs that might inspire you to keep slogging through that return — the same songs that keep him going when he's on his exercise bike. His first pick is "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall. "It's a real rockin' song. It picks you up. It's got a great rhythm and beat, and it just keeps me moving in the morning — because sometimes I have to get up real early to do my workout," Shulman says. Shulman says he has also made the songs "I Try" by Macy Gray and "Beautiful Day" by U2 part of his morning routine.

Those are…interesting, especially Shulman's contention that "Black Horse" is a "rockin' song." But unless the Commish's workout is shorter than 15 minutes, there has to be other songs that get him going in the morning. But what are they?  One could assume that DS takes his position seriously enough that he would refuse to include artists who have neglected to stay up on their taxes in the past. So that would mean Willie Nelson, Marc Anthony, and every hip-hop artist with the exception of Jay-Z would be ineligible. 

But what else makes the cut to get Dougie going in the morning? Did he just volunteer these three because they were the least embarrassing? Does he secretly belt out "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or Miley Cyrus to really get to moving? Or maybe I've got him all wrong and he's got an iPod loaded with dubstep. We're entertaining theories. 

The Nation's Top Taxman Shares His Workout Playlist [NPR]