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We’re Giving Out Free Hugs in This Week’s Friday Open Items

Everyone alright? Things are feeling a little hostile out there. Maybe it's the usual post-Thanksgiving-pre-Christmas angst, maybe it's the moon, maybe it's the economy, maybe we can blame it on the CGMA somehow. Whatever it is, I'm sensing a major disturbance. Wanna talk about it? I'll crack my second Rockstar of the day and you can tell me all about it.

If you'd prefer not to talk about the fact that you have more issues than National Geographic, here are a few other items that may be worth discussing.

This comment from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos at the memorial for Amazon's first CFO: It was during that meal Bezos realized Covey was the right person for the job. The two discussed her childhood, her dual Harvard degrees in business and law. Toward the end, Covey casually mentioned she had managed the second-highest score on the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, trumping nearly 70,000 others who took it that year. "Joy, really? The second-highest?" Bezos teased. Shot back Covey: "I didn't study."

This tweet: Interns are cheap and eager. Offload some stuff on to them.

This opinion from law firm managing partners: A staggering 85 percent of managing partners said they were somewhat worried (61 percent) or very worried (24 percent) about partners who are not billing enough hours. Almost 70 percent are concerned that some partners are staying on too long before retirement.

Lastly, Grover Norquist's support of this beard:

Carry on.