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We Haven’t Forgotten About You, Public Accounting Winter Interns!

Sorry, winter interns — it's just that we've been, ya know, busy. Just like those senior associates who haven't had the time to take you to lunch. Or that manager who you thought wanted to get to know you better. Or that partner that never pronounces your name correctly. There's no shortage of love, just a shortage of time.

Yes, we've been getting a lot of anxious messages from the winter interns, so hopefully this will satisfy the eager beavers that have received their offers, been rejected, are having second thoughts, or are so excited to be Big 4 associate that you're doing the I'm-about-to-wet-myself dance. 

Or those of you that made off with a fortune in swag your firms have been throwing around.

This is a message we received from "I have a GAAS Problem":


I have a question that has been on my mind for a while; who gave out the best free swag? I interviewed with and interned with McGladrey and can personally say they gave out some legit swag.
1st Interview: Large Clear McGladrey water bottle complete with screw top
Office Interview: McGladrey Umbrella
While Interning: Leather Bond portfolio with McGladrey Name, Office Supplies in a neat carrying case with McGladrey Name, Shirt for when they took us to a baseball game with customize design, pretty sick. 
Accepting Offer: McGladrey Hoodie and Gym Bag.
I know some people who interviewed with McGladrey this year and they got an updated Large Clear McGladrey water bottle and a fleece blanket for the office interview.
I also know some people that interviewed and interned with P dub. They got shitty headphones for the interview but a pretty nice backpack for accepting a job offer.
Just curious what other people are getting.

Since your haul of swag will become very useful for bartering purposes, it is an important inquiry. The weird stuff is what we want to see. PwC shoe polish? A KPMG kimono? An Ernst & Young drum? Grant Thornton temporary tattoos? Email us that stuff.

But really this is post is your chance to discuss anything you like — money, firms, acceptance, rejection, the end of your lives as you know it, whatever your little Xerox-operator hearts desire. Have fun.