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Vault Consulting 50: How Did the Big 4 Do In Key Employment Categories? (2022)

Last month we dove into the 2022 Vault rankings of the best consulting firms to work for and the consulting firms with the most prestige, with an eye on how the Big 4 firms fared in each. Today we’re going to wrap up our coverage of the 2022 Vault Consulting 50 by looking at which consulting firms are considered the best in 20 key employment factors, such as benefits, culture, job satisfaction, and work-life balance. I mentioned those four categories specifically because the Big 4’s consulting arms are noticeably absent.

Of the 20 employment categories, the Big 4 aren’t ranked in half of them. EY-Parthenon, which came in at No. 5 in the best consulting firm to work for rankings (the highest among the Big 4), was ranked in the other 10 categories, finishing no higher than 10th (health and wellness). Deloitte Consulting, the most prestigious of the Big 4 consulting practices, was included as one of the best consulting firms in only two categories. KPMG turned up in just one (formal training), while PwC Advisory Services/Strategy& didn’t appear in any of them. Hell, Armanino, which the only people who know has a consulting practice are the people who work there, ended up ranked in two categories.

To come up with this ranking, Vault surveyed consultants and asked them to rate their own firm across 20 factors that affect their daily working lives. The firms were then ranked in each category based on the average rating assigned by their own consultants. Each factor has a top 25 firm ranking. So how did the Big 4 do?


NOT RANKED [That bad, huh?]


13. EY-Parthenon


18. EY-Parthenon


NOT RANKED [Toxic cultures usually don’t make “best of the best” rankings.]


NOT RANKED [The tone is set at the top, as they say.]

Formal training

15. EY-Parthenon
21. Deloitte Consulting
25. KPMG Advisory

Health and wellness

10. EY-Parthenon
22. Deloitte Consulting

Hours in the office

NOT RANKED [The Big 4 will never be among the best firms in this category, obvs.]

Informal training

19. EY-Parthenon


NOT RANKED [The Big 4 are old firms stuck in their old ways.]

Interaction with clients

19. EY-Parthenon

Internal mobility

NOT RANKED [A little surprised the Big 4 weren’t ranked here. Maybe better upward mobility in other service lines than consulting?]

International opportunities

21. EY-Parthenon

Level of challenge

16. EY-Parthenon

Overall business outlook

22. EY-Parthenon

Promotion policies

12. EY-Parthenon

Relationships with supervisors

NOT RANKED [Misery loves company.]


NOT RANKED [Underpaid and overworked employees make for low job satisfaction.]


NOT RANKED [Not sure why the Big 4 wouldn’t be ranked here, tbh.]

Work-life balance

NOT RANKED [Definitely sure why the Big 4 weren’t ranked here.]

As mentioned, Armanino came in 20th in diversity and 11th in innovation. Even the advisory practice of BPM, the 46th ranked public accounting firm by revenue in INSIDE Public Accounting’s 2021 top 400 firms, came in at No. 25 in the health and wellness category.

You can find the full Vault rankings here.

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